About Us


We are local & family owned and operated with over 25 years of evolving experience. First introduced to information technology by the military. With their high efficiency and fast pace of communication in the information age.


"What does the 'RACE' mean?


It is an acronym which stands for;

Robinson's Architecture Communications & Electrical


Our expertise here is well rounded. Collectively our experience comes from  the U.S. Army, American Telecasting, Comcast, AT&T, ADT, DirecTV, Palo Alto Internet Exchange, MasTec & All Access Technology.

Our education has been embedded from degrees and certifications from the U.S. Army, Coastline Community College, A.I. of Pittsburgh & Online Certification.


Presently our number one priority is having efficient & effective solutions for our clients while maintaining a friendly yet professional repport.

Our second mission, whis is as important as our first priority, is to stay current/ updated. In this information age, we must continue to study, reseach & challenge all of the newest products, services and technologies as well as techniques.  It is our charge to Never Stop Learning.